One Skillet Beefy 7-Layer Dip

One Skillet Beefy 7-Layer Dip

Looking for a tasty appetizer that will please a crowd? Check out this one skillet beefy 7-layer dip! This dip combines ingredients like sweet onion, sour cream, black beans, chiles, canned tomatoes, jalapeños and cheddar cheese and will hit the spot when you are craving Mexican cuisine!

To make this appetizer, you just need to add the ingredients to a baking dish, throw it in the oven and (not so) patiently wait for it to finish! After the dip comes out of the oven, you will be left with a bubbly, cheesy, and melty dip that is perfect to pair with tortillas or chips on the side. This is a recipe that can easily be finished off while you are busy entertaining guests.

Other than the protein, one of the other key ingredients in this recipe is tomato paste. Tomato paste is a great ingredient to use do develop a depth of flavor, add color, and boost the nutritional value! Tomatoes are a great source of nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin K, folate, potassium, and lycopene. Both vitamin C and lycopene are antioxidants that function in our body to reduce inflammation and destroy free radicals that can cause disease.  So, the next time you are shopping, pick up some tomato paste. It is such a versatile ingredient that can be used in a wide variety of dishes from Italian to Mexican cuisine!

Get the full recipe for One Skillet Beefy 7-Layer Dip by visiting our friends at the Beef Council.

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Winter Caprese Toasts with Roasted Tomatoes and Pesto

Winter Caprese Toasts with Roasted Tomatoes and Pesto

The holiday season is upon us, which means that it’s time for parties, social gatherings, and family events. While we all love celebrating the end of the year, these gatherings are all synonymous with menu planning, which can add stress to an already busy time. But what if you didn’t have to be worried about what to serve at a party? That’s where these winter caprese toasts with roasted tomatoes and pesto come in handy! These little appetizers are easy to assemble and are packed with the nutrition power of canned tomoes. Plus, you can get them on the party table in under 30 minutes, so what’s not to love? The only thing you should do is make extras, because these are sure to quickly disappear!

In the winter, canned tomatoes make the absolute best Caprese (tomato and mozzarella) salads because they are picked at the peak of ripeness and their summer flavor is locked in. (In fact, this is a secret that tomato growers have long been using to impress their party guests.) When you slow roast those canned tomatoes you concentrate their flavor even more as they become gorgeously browned and caramelized in the oven. Here, instead of being paired with mozzarella in a salad, those glorious tomatoes are piled onto crisp toasts spread with basil pesto for a flavor-packed party appetizer you can eat with your hands. As an alternative, you can skip the toast and layer everything into Bibb lettuce cups instead. While these Winter Caprese Toasts may be small, they are filled with irresistible flavor that everyone is sure to love!

Get the full recipe for Winter Caprese Toasts with Roasted Tomatoes and Pesto from Ellie Krieger, RDN.

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Baked Chicken Wings with Tomato, Ginger, and Sweet Onion Chutney

Baked Chicken Wings with Tomato, Ginger, and Sweet Onion Chutney

Looking for an easy appetizer that’s bursting with flavor? Try these Baked Chicken Wings with Tomato, Ginger, and Sweet Onion Chutney for a unique take on the classic chicken wing. This recipe for baked chicken wings couldn’t be simpler and makes a perfect game day appetizer or party snack that’s sure to please everyone. Simple ingredients like garlic, sugar, vinegar, and tomatoes make it easy to prepare this Indian-inspired dish without breaking your budget or needing to buy any fancy products. Plus, this recipe makes some extra sauce that you can save for another meal. Try using it as a topping for grilled pork or baked fish for an easy protein-packed dinner.

The bright flavor of canned diced tomatoes forms the base for a tasty sweet and sour sauce, while providing plenty of nutrients. Canned tomatoes are especially high in lycopene, a compound that gives them their characteristic red color and has powerful antioxidant properties. Although further evidence-based studies need to be conducted to confirm the impact of lycopene and tomato intake, we know that tomato products can reduce the risk of certain diseases. Canned, cooked, and fresh tomatoes all contain lycopene, which has been shown to improve overall health. In addition to lycopene, tomatoes are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, fiber, potassium, iron, and other antioxidants. These nutrients are critical for both short and long term health, so it’s important to incorporate tomato products into your meals. 

For the full recipe, visit our friends at Pacific Coast Producers.

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