We work with some of the largest tomato organizations in the country with similar goals of providing the best research, tomato awareness, and quality canned products to it’s customers!


“In my mind the Tomato Products Wellness Council truly performs a public service by encouraging the consumption of one of the most nutritious foods – cooked tomatoes – a person can eat.”

– Jim Beecher, President Farming D

“TPWC does a terrific job with outreach — at FNCE, on social media, and via their leading role in the November men’s health campaign. Their messages are always positive, uplifintg, and relevant. And who doesn’t love tomatoes?!”

Marty Yardick former President of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and 2015 reciepient of it’s prestigious Medallion Award

“I’m a huge advocate of tomato products due to their high nutrition value, amazing taste, and incredible diversity. Tomato Products Wellness Council is a wonderful source of science-based health and nutrition resources and delicious recipes for both me and my clients. Through their media-savvy presence and continual online engagement, Tomato Products Wellness Council has really made an impact with the public on representing the many health benefits and ways we can enjoy the food. Thanks for keeping us informed and having our mouths water with delight.”

Sarah Koszyk, MA, RDN, founder of Family. Food. Fiesta.

“Working with the Tomato Products Wellness Council has been a great experience. Their enthusiastic and creative approach to communicating the benefits tomato consumption is undoubtedly a benefit to the industry.”

R. Greg Pruett, Customer Accounts Supervisor

“I am writing today on behalf of a valued Associate and Association, Alec Wasson and the Tomato Products Wellness Council to express my admiration and gratitude for their talents, intensity and excellent attitude, which I think lends itself well to the betterment of the California Processing Tomato Industry.

Since our initial meeting in March of 2013, I have found Alec Wasson to be a dedicated, caring, smart and conscientious Tomato Evangelist as well as a considerate and helpful supporter of the many members in the processing tomato industry. During the six three years that my team and I at Pacific Coast Producers have been associated with the TPWC, Alec has proven to be a quick learning and skilled advocate for the health and uses of processed tomatoes. In a very short span of time, Alec and his mandate have significantly advanced a message of goodness and preferability about our industry’s tomato product offerings.

I give Alec Wasson and the Tomato Products Wellness Council my highest recommendation and I look forward to the future, additional success that will come as a result of this organizations effective, efficient, hard work and creativity.”

– Andrew K. Russick – Pacific Coast Producers
Vice President, Sales & Marketing

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my interaction and partnership with the Tomato Wellness team! As a dietitian, I approach nutrition as a science, looking for research to support health claims. I was elated when I found out Tomato Wellness practices this science-based approach as well! This group does an amazing job educating consumers on the benefits of tomatoes by making educational tools engaging and showing off the versatility of tomatoes.”

Melissa Rifkin – MS, RD, CDN

“Working with the Tomato Products Wellness Council has really opened my eyes to the canned food and canned tomato industry. After touring tomato fields and canneries, talking with farmers, factory workers, and the individuals that are responsible for product development and listening to consumer needs I am more confident than ever that canned tomatoes are a nutritious and safe food to use in our recipes and with our clients and families. “

Tara Rochford, RDN

“The Tomato Products Wellness Council is doing an excellent job of finding creative and fun ways for communicating the numerous health and flavor benefits of preparing and consuming food that include tomato products.”

Tom Cortopassi – CSFP

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