Tomato Wellness 

The Tomato Wellness Council leads the industry effort on scientific research. The council has identified more than 400 scientific studies that demonstrate the health benefits of a diet rich in tomato products.

Our Story 

From healthy pasta sauces to tasty salsas,
tomato products are so delicious,

bright, and flavorful, you can’t help
but crave them at mealtime.

And because they’re bursting with incredible
nutrition and are a good source of vitamin C,

fiber, potassium, iron, lycopene and other antioxidants,
it’s one craving you can feel really good about.

Even better, when field-fresh tomatoes are
quickly cooked to become tomato products,
lycopene becomes even easier for your body to absorb.

So give into your heart’s desire and enjoy more
of the juicy nutrition that your body,
and your family craves. -Tomato Wellness

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