The BEST crockpot soup recipes to get you through the cooler months

The BEST crockpot soup recipes to get you through the cooler months

Looking for crockpot soup recipes to get you through the cooler months? We have you covered with the best healthy crockpot meals for fall and winter. With delicious flavors and budget-friendly options, these recipes are sure to be a hit.

Crockpots have taken the culinary world by storm, and it’s not hard to see why. This kitchen essential is a one-and-done piece of equipment, as it really does do it all–from enhancing flavor to being easy on your wallet and requiring minimal time and effort. It can also boost your health, as some studies suggest that heating produce—such as in canning or cooking—can increase the bioavailability of some nutrients, like lycopene. This is great news for slow-cooked meals, as they often feature processed products (like canned and jarred tomatoes) that seem to offer a boost of nutritional benefits.

While you can enjoy them all year-round, crockpot recipes tend to taste best during fall and winter, as they can be a comforting addition to your menu rotation. So, get cooking with these easy crockpot soup recipes featuring canned tomatoes! 

The BEST crockpot soup recipes to get you through the cooler months

Looking for crockpot soup recipes to get you through the cooler months? Here are some of the best healthy crockpot meals that are sure to be crowd-pleasers.

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TPWC Member Highlight: Silgan Containers

TPWC Member Highlight: Silgan Containers

Get the scoop on Tomato Wellness member, Silgan Containers. We are proud to have this company as part of the Tomato Wellness Family!

As the largest provider of metal food packaging in the United States, Silgan Containers is trusted by America’s most respected brands. Their reputation is based on a foundation of quality, excellence and unsurpassed technical expertise, enabling them to be a dedicated solutions-based partner to their customers.

Silgan’s steel food containers are 100% recyclable, and are used primarily by processors and packagers for many food items including tomato based products. And we love that Silgan also is committed to providing knowledge about the sustainability, health benefits and unmatched convenience of metal packaging. They do this through their learning center, which is packed full of videos, interactive tools, and more to help you better understand the benefits of this type of packaging.

In addition to their quality products and desire to help further knowledge, Silgan has a deep-rooted passion about giving back to communities, assisting charitable organizations, and participating in a variety of civic and social events. We applaud Silgan’s employees for being a proactive member of their local communities! 

We are proud to have Silgan as part of the Tomato Wellness family. Coupled with a focus on quality and technical expertise, it’s easy to see why we are so honored to profile this Tomato Wellness member.

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Pizza Hall of Fame: John Arena

Pizza Hall of Fame: John Arena

John Arena is a third-generation pizza chef with over 48 years of experience. He is the owner and co-founder of Metro Pizza and the newly opened Truly Pizza in Dana Point, CA. He is one of the most well-respected and cherished leaders of the Global Pizza Industry. His knowledge and pizza wisdom are legendary. He always has a kind word, and generous with his time and sharing lessons to the next generation. We asked him what he thinks about our favorite pizza trend: #SauceOnTop!  

“Probably one of the most noteworthy trends influencing the American pizza scene in the last few years has been the increased use of sauce being placed on top of cheese when the pizza is assembled. For some this has been seen as a radical or even sacrilegious movement. But let’s really think about it. A number of regional styles have always used this method including Chicago Deep Dish, Detroit Red Top, New Jersey Tomato Pie, NY Grandma style and the so called “upside down” Sicilian pizza of Brooklyn. In my pizzeria we have 3 different pizza styles that place tomato on top of cheese and I feel there are very valid reasons for doing so. In our restaurants, everything revolves around engaging the five senses in a positive way.

  • Sight- The contrast of bright red tomato set on a base of milky white mozzarella is visually dramatic and eye catching
  • Aroma- The fragrance of a balanced and well-crafted tomato sauce is much more pronounced when the tomato is placed on top. The guests can notice it as soon as the pizza is set on the table.
  • Feel (texture) Americans love crispy pizza. By placing the cheese down first the butterfat in the cheese becomes a barrier protecting the dough from any moisture coming off of your sauce. In addition the sauce protects the cheese from being exposed to excessive heat in the oven. The result is a crispy crust and creamy cheese- the best of both worlds. As an extra bonus you will get a pizza that travels much better when placed in a box.
  • Sound -Because the sauce on top method reduces absorption of moisture into the crumb structure of the dough you will get a satisfying “crunch” sound when cutting or biting into the pizza.
  • Taste- Of course it all comes down to flavor. Most pizzerias purchase cheese, But every high quality pizzeria makes their own tomato sauce. By placing the tomato on top you are putting your key signature ingredient front and center to maximum effect and thereby setting yourself apart from the competition.


How to preserve tomatoes: what you need to know

How to preserve tomatoes: what you need to know

Ever wonder how tomatoes are preserved? Here’s what you need to know about how to preserve tomatoes for ultimate taste and quality. 

Tomatoes are undoubtedly one of the most beloved and versatile ingredients in the culinary world. Their rich flavor and nutrient profile have led to a wide array of tomato-based products, from pasta sauces to ketchup and salsa. However, the challenge lies in preserving their nutritional integrity throughout the manufacturing process. In this article, we’re examining the technology and science behind canning tomato products, and how manufacturers preserve essential nutrients to deliver wholesome products that grace our tables. 

How to preserve tomatoes

The journey from fresh tomatoes to canned tomato products involves several intricate steps. While this process is extensive, it’s important to make sure that each step is done correctly so that the products are safe and well-preserved. 

1. Selection and Harvesting: The process begins with the best-quality tomatoes at the peak of ripeness, which ensures that the tomatoes are brimming with the most nutrients and flavor.

2. Preparation: The tomatoes are sorted, washed, and often blanched to facilitate peeling and enhance the preservation process. Furthermore, the cans are preheated for sterilization, which helps ensure the cleanliness and safety of the containers. 

3. Processing Cans: Manufacturers use heat treatments to eliminate microorganisms and their spores while preserving the nutritional quality of the food. In fact, the heat applied during processing can enhance the bioavailability of certain antioxidants, such as lycopene, which becomes more accessible for absorption when cell walls are broken down during heating.

4. Cooling, Labeling, and Storage: Following processing, the cans are rapidly cooled to room temperature. Once they are cooled, the outer surface of the cans is dried for labeling, and then stored in cool and dry places before being dispatched.

What types of canned tomato products are available?

  • Pasta Sauce
  • Ketchup
  • Salsa
  • Tomato juice
  • Whole peeled tomatoes
  • Diced and petite diced tomatoes
  • Stewed tomatoes
  • Crushed tomatoes
  • Tomato puree
  • Tomato sauce
  • Tomato paste


The science of canning tomato products is a delicate dance between preserving nutrients and ensuring safety and flavor. Manufacturers follow many steps to deliver products that offer both taste and quality. Whether it’s a comforting bowl of pasta, a dollop of ketchup on your fries, or a zesty salsa to accompany your chips, you can trust that these tomato products have been carefully crafted to maintain their nutritional value while delighting your taste buds.

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Get Fired Up For USA Tomato Products

Get Fired Up For USA Tomato Products

I’m here to drop some truth bombs on why spending more money on imported tomatoes from Europe doesn’t make a lick of sense when we’ve got the best damn tomatoes right here in America.

First things first, let’s talk about quality. Now, I’m not saying Europe can’t produce some decent tomatoes, but let’s be real, folks – the heart and soul of tomato growing is right here in the good ol’ US of A. It always has been. Tomatoes are native to the Americas!  Blind taste tests continue to prove that on any given day, a USA canned tomato can and usually does beat out any imports. We totally understand that most people will pick the brand their grandma used, but it’s just foolish to believe blindy that everything imported is somehow superior. Try it for yourself!   

In America, we’re all about that hustle and grind, and guess what? Supporting local farmers is part of that ethos. When you buy American tomatoes, you’re not just getting the best taste; you’re also supporting our own economy, our own farmers, and our own communities. That’s how we build a stronger foundation for our future – by putting our money where it matters most.

Let’s talk about the carbon footprint, too. Shipping tomatoes all the way from Europe? Come on, that’s like paying for a first-class ticket for unnecessary pollution. We’re all about sustainability and reducing our impact on this beautiful planet. So why not cut down on those food miles and get your tomatoes from right here in America? It’s a win-win for your taste buds and the environment.

So, to wrap it all up – we’ve got the best tomatoes, we’re supporting our own economy, we’re reducing our carbon footprint, and we’re saving time. It’s a no-brainer, my friends. Let’s keep it real and make the smart choice – go for those American tomatoes and watch your taste buds, your wallet, and the planet will thank you later. 💪🍅

Alec Wasson – Chief Tomato Evangelist & Director                                            Tomato Products Wellness Council