Making healthy meals doesn’t have to be time consuming or complicated. By using canned goods, you can actually get dinner on the table in no time at all without breaking the bank! Learn more about making easy meals affordable and healthy with canned tomatoes.

There are preconceived notions that suggest eating healthy is not affordable, but this is just a false rumor. Pre-cooked, pre-prepared canned goods (such as beans, tomatoes, fish, grains, and more) are quite cost-effective and easy-to-use in your kitchen. You can get a healthy meal on the table in no time with just using pantry ingredients, all without breaking the bank to do so!

Making Easy Meals Affordable and Healthy

Preparing basic, healthy meals with canned foods is more nutritious than you may think. These affordable foods are preserved at nutritional peak when they are being canned and processed. This means that they are filled with tons of vitamins and minerals your body needs to function properly, and can help boost energy and reduce risk of certain diseases. That’s we love canned tomatoes, as they are one of the most accessible, affordable, convenient, and sustainable products that you can buy! In fact, studies have shown that canned tomatoes are even more nutrient-rich and environmentally-friendly than fresh tomatoes. The popularity of canned tomatoes is continuing to increase as people become more aware of its usefulness for cooking easy, nutritious meals from the comfort of their own homes. From soups and lasagnas to dips and smoothies, canned tomato products can be used for just about any meal.

To prepare a well-balanced meal, all you need is a can of tomatoes, and your favorite grains, protein, vegetables, and spices. The sky’s the limit from there. That’s why we love this recipe for Chipotle Tomato Rice Power Bowl; it’s a pantry-friendly recipe that’s also affordable and nutritious! You can also make this recipe ahead of time and have it for leftovers throughout the week. You’ll save both time and money, all while feeling your best! 

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