Take a trip to Mexico without leaving your kitchen! This Spanish-inspired Fideo soup (Sopa de Fideo) is perfect to cozy up with any time of the year. Plus, this recipe only requires 30 minutes of cook time, so it is great for a quick weeknight meal!

In Spanish, fideo translates to noodles, which is fitting considering this soup is filled with them! The noodles typically used in this soup are thin and are broken up and browned before being added to the soup. For added flavor, this recipe calls for a can of chili ready tomato sauce, and a can of petite diced tomatoes with green chilies, lime, and cilantro. These flavors pair perfectly together, therefore creating a dish that everyone in your family is sure to love.

Just because this meal can be made in under 30 minutes doesn’t mean that it sacrifices nutrition! In fact, it’s just the opposite thanks to the addition of canned tomatoes. This pantry staple is a great way to keep cook time down while making a meal as nutritious as possible. Before being canned, tomatoes are cooked at peak ripeness, which captures their delicious flavor and enhances the lycopene content (which is a powerful antioxidant). Regularly consuming canned tomatoes can help reduce your risk of diseases like cancer and cardiovascular disease!

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