A non-profit spreading kindness through lasagna?! It sounds too good to be true, but with over 20,000 volunteers around the country, it most certainly is true, as they are using lasagna to spread the love.

Meet Lasagna Love! A nonprofit started at the beginning of the pandemic, by founder Rhiannon Menn, a mama who was searching for a way to help support her community during this time of need. What started with just a quick Facebook post in a mom group, offering home cooked meals to anyone who could use one, has grown into a national movement, with over 20,000 volunteers delivering meals made with love every week.

What we do is simple: feed families, spread kindness, and strengthen communities.

Here’s how it works:

Families in need go to lasagnalove.org/request and fill out a request form. They are then matched with a local volunteer, or Lasagna Chef as they are called, who make and deliver them a home cooked meal.

What qualifies a “family in need”:

Anything! Facing food insecurity and could use a hot meal for your family? Working mom juggling working from home, home schooling kids, and could use some help with dinner? Going through a hard time? Lasagna Love is here to help!!

Lasagna Love is a kindness movement. Our mission is to not only address the rise in food insecurity, but also strengthen communities through kindness by providing an easy way for every person to help a neighbor.

How to get involved: 

You can sign up to volunteer at https://www.lasagnalove.org/volunteer-2 if you want to get involved and make meals for families.

Lasagna Love has grown to be more than just about lasagna, but about kindness and weaving kindness back into the fabric of our communities. The Kindness Pledge is a simple way to get involved, show support for the mission, and spread kindness, no cooking required!

Simply go to https://www.lasagnalove.org/kindnesspledge and sign the pledge and go out and be kind!

To donate to Lasagna Love click this link for donation options. https://www.lasagnalove.org/donate

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