Tomato products may play an integral role in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The bioactive compounds found in tomatoes activate the health benefits associated with these products, and result in an advantageous outcome on platelet aggregation. In March 2020, a published research article showed that there is sufficient evidence to assume that tomato products play an important role in preventing platelet aggregation (i.e. reducing the amount of blood clots that can lead to cardiovascular diseases). Although there is favorable science-based evidence that supports the benefits associated with tomato consumption, the European Food Safety Authority recommends that further studies be conducted to confirm these results.

Tomato paste, sauce, juice, salsa, and puree are all considered to be beneficial nutritional food components that can act as an anti-platelet aggregation. That’s good news, because canned tomato products are becoming increasingly popular. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been shopping less frequently to avoid the risk of being exposed to coronavirus. Thus, people have been purchasing items that have a longer shelf-life. Since tomato products last longer than fresh produce, many people are more encouraged to buy these products as staples in their homes. In addition to their longer-lasting qualities, they are versatile and economical. Want to learn more about the benefits of canned tomatoes and how to incorporate them into your daily menu? Check out our blog for more information!

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