Meet Liz Shaw, MS, RD! Liz is our Tomato Wellness Registered Dietitian for September 2021, and she is excited to share some of her favorite delicious recipes starring tomato products. Elizabeth (Liz) Shaw is a nationally known nutrition expert and owns a nutrition communications business in California. Liz has been a dietitian for 10 years, an adjunct professor for over 7 years and is a certified personal trainer. She is a four-time author, with recent titles including the Instant Pot Cookbook For Dummies and Air Fryer Cookbook For Dummies. Liz serves as an expert on local and national television and new publications where she breaks down the latest nutrition science into digestible bites! You’ll also see Liz frequently quoted in Prevention, Women’s Day, VeryWell, and others. What she loves most about her job is that she gets to connect with women all over the world to help them feel secure about how they are feeding themselves and their families. You’ll find Liz sharing regularly over on her popular Instagram feed @shawsimpleswaps. She believes all foods can fit in a balanced lifestyle and shares these tips via her website, Shaw’s Simple Swaps, and in her work as a national spokesperson for health and food organizations.

Liz says, “Canned tomatoes make a wonderful addition to your cantry staple! Not only can they come to the rescue as a simple swap to make a DIY pizza sauce on the fly, but they are also a wonderful way to add more produce to your taco fillings, chilis, and more!”







Need more recipe inspiration? Check out some of Liz’s favorite recipes featuring tomato products!

5 Family-Friendly Recipes from Liz Shaw, MS, RDN

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