Canned tomatoes are a staple in dietitian Kim Galeaz’s pantry. Here’s why she thinks that this staple is great for around-the-clock eating while being perfect for every occasion. 

Can you guess what item in Kim Galeaz’s pantry is so versatile that it works for every around-the-clock eating occasion, from breakfast, lunch and dinner, to snack party-time?

Canned tomatoes and all their forms: Diced. Petite diced. Diced with chilies. Crushed. Whole. Sauce. Salsa. Pizza sauce.

Versatility is just part of the reason Kim’s pantry is filled with numerous canned tomato products. As a registered dietitian nutritionist, her goal is to create recipes that blend great taste with good nutrition while being budget-friendly and nutrient-rich. That goal is easily met with canned tomato products because they are extremely nutritious, affordable, tasty and best of all, available all year long.

Kim particularly loves that canned tomatoes are actually more fresh than fresh red tomatoes. Why? Because canned tomatoes are picked and packed at their peak, then make it in that can within HOURS. All the nutrients are retained, making canned tomatoes a nutritious choice for almost any meal. 

Click here for the full article and four of Kim’s fav recipes featuring canned tomatoes! 

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