Research Summary

In July 2006, a research database was constructed to manage the most up-to-date research describing the diet-disease relationship for tomatoes, tomato products and lycopene. This database was updated in 2007, 2009 and now again in 2011 (cut off Oct 2011 for published original research).


Eight (8) publications meeting criteria for this review were available. Data support an inverse relationship between plasma/serum lycopene concentrations and cognitive function. Research on dietary lycopene intake, supplementation and tomato-specific intake on cognitive performance endpoints in humans are unavailable at this time. This is an area for follow up research in humans as evidence continues to grow from in vitro and in vivo animal models supporting observational work. Reducing the oxidative and inflammatory burden in an oxidative-inflammatory susceptible system (aging brain) is purported as a possible mechanism for tomato/lycopene benefit.

Main Findings

Critical Findings

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